Cheyenne Jewel vs Rizzo Ford: Lesbian Sexually Broken

Cheyenne Jewel vs Rizzo Ford: Lesbian Sexually Broken by Veteran in Rookie Destruction Sexfight at Ultimate Surrender

The destruction of rookies in season 14 of Ultimate Surrender continues. This time is a petite girl with cute tattoos and sexy haircut’s turn to get broken on the mat.

Rizzo Ford is at her first season at Ultimate Surrender and she seems overmatched from a physical standpoint, no matter who she fights against. This is why the perverse queen of Ultimate Surrender, Ariel X, decided to book her against one of the perpetual favorites to win the title each season.

Cheyenne Jewel is no stranger to fighting rookie lesbians this season, she went through another one month earlier in Jenna Foxx, destroying her easily. And with Rizzo, she is determined to repeat her performance and make her opponent cum as much as she can on the mats in a sexfight match.

The match is amazing in terms of Rizzo Ford trying as hard as she can not to cum under Cheyenne’s relentless onslaught on her pussy. She doesn’t have the size or strength to push the big bully, so she focuses on twisting and turning and not cumming.

This is why when she is finally broken, her orgasms are a sight to behold. And even after a few, the tattooed lesbian still wants to fight, to prevent more orgasms from coming.

Round 4 is as exciting as always, with the usual strap-on action, but this time Cheyenne Jewel punishes Rizzo anally as well, fucks her hard, then facesits her to get her well deserved orgasm.

Ariel X vs Karmen Karma Muscle Lesbians Match

Hard Bodied Ariel X vs Karmen Karma Muscle Lesbians Match, at Ultimate Surrender

One of the hottest matches ever at Ultimate Surrender. Part-time bodybuilder Ariel X is back on the mats to welcome a beautiful tattooed rookie, Karma “Bad” Karma, under the watchful eye of guest referee Syd Blakovich.

Karmen Karma wrestled in her school days, but today she’s in for a rude awakening, as she takes on in her very first match arguably one of the best wrestlers in Ultimate Surrender history.

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Ariel X vs Karmen Karma Muscle Lesbians

This catfight between the two hard bodied lesbians has some some brutal holds, back breaking camel clutches, Japanese strangle holds, brutal leg scissors and powerful slams. Ariel X is determined not only to destroy her opponent, but to make her cum on the mat during the match, which proves very hard to achieve even from a dominant position against Karmen. This is erotic wrestling at its most painfully honest finest.

In the Prize round, the loser is humiliated by being made to suck on freshly wrestled on feet and suck freshly wrestled on ass. Extreme face sitting, strap on fucking, muscle worship and if that isn’t enough, the winner drags the loser on the The Whipped-Ass set to give her even more of a hazing. To see the segment of Whipped-Ass go here!

Finally, we see some behind the scenes footage where Ariel X explains and demonstrates  some moves to Karmen Karma just before the match, which makes this hot video even hotter!

Ariel X vs Karmen Karma Muscle Lesbians

Ariel X vs Karmen Karma Muscle Lesbians

Ariel X vs Karmen Karma Muscle Lesbians

Ariel X vs Karmen Karma Muscle Lesbians

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Ultimate Surrender: Tori Luxe vs Emma Haize

This is a new catfight video from Ultimate Surrender: Tori now has two matches under her belt and some valuable experience. Still looking for her first victory, she is determined to win this match against her smaller opponent. She is really looking for forward to fucking her if she wins.

Little Emma Haize is back, and is also ready to learn what victory tastes like. She knows Tori is bigger, but Emma is determined to beat her fellow rookie. Emma is going to have to move fast and get on top if she hopes to contain “The Phoenix”.

Tori dominated from the start, and overpowered the smaller Emma. Tori used her strong legs and forced Emma to submit to the crushing force. Tori got fingers in Emma early and often and dominated Emma on the mat. During Round 4 Tori demonstrated a real art for dominating and humiliating her toy, as she gave Emma an ass fucking she won’t soon forget.

Here is a sample video:

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