Cheyenne Jewel vs Jasmeen LeFleur Lesbian Wrestling Match at Evolved Fights

Cheyenne Jewel vs Jasmeen LeFleur Lesbian Wrestling Match at Evolved Fights.

Ariel X is back with another new and exciting erotic wrestling website called Evolved Fights. It features both lesbian wrestling and catfights, as well as mixed wrestling between males and females. Most of the known fighters from Ultimate Surrender are present at the new site, as well as some newcomers.

In this match there is a clash between two MMA trained women. Veteran Cheyenne Jewel is no stranger to catfights and lesbian wrestling, she has been one of the best in the business for years.

Jasmeen LeFleur is a newcomer, but has fighting background, as well as a very strong body. She hopes that her strength will compensate for her lack of experience.

However, she is a very horny woman, and that’s not the state she needs to be in when taking on Cheyenne, which takes control of the match from the beginning.

There is a rule in place which states that once a wrestlers submits the other, she has 20 seconds to do whatever she wants with her submitted opponent. This does not sound well for Jasmeen LeFleur, who is prone to orgasms on the mat. Can she resist when Cheyenne’s tongue is ravaging her pussy?

Round 4 is the usual sexual domination, with the winner fucking the loser with strap-on and other methods, in the end pleasuring herself to a well-deserved orgasm.

Bella Rossi vs Jet Setting Jasmine: Hot Black Girl Orgasms on the Mat

Bella Rossi vs Jet Setting Jasmine: Hot Black Girl Orgasms on the Mat as veteran lesbian takes rookie to school in hot competitive white vs black lesbian wrestling match at Ultimate Surrender.

It is time for a new ebony rookie to test herself against one of the Ultimate Surrender’s veterans. It seems that rookies in season 14 have more sexy haircuts than wrestling moves, as they get totally annihilated on the mat.

Jet Setting Jasmine is a strong girl, with great stamina, but very little skill. However, she is very competitive, and has her game face on when the match starts, even talking a lot of trash to one of the best in the business.

Bella Rossi is as sexy as ever, and the standing 69 queen is happy to get her turn in dismantling a rookie in a sexfight. She loves to fingerblast and facesit her opponents, and the sexy black lesbian with partially shaved head she is fighting would make the perfect target.

The match is fairly one-sided, which Jasmine being able for brief periods to compensate her lack of wrestling skills with sheer power, especially from her legs, and is able to score some points against Bella. However, most of the match takes place with Bella having her fingers in Jasmin’s pussy, end the black lesbian fighting desperately not to cum.

However, the inevitable happens and Bella Rossi forces Jet Setting Jasmine to orgasm on the mat, and the way the ebony girl finally succumbs makes the moment very sexy.

In round 4 Jasmin stops fighting and surrenders completely to Bella, who does the standing 69, fucks her with the strap-on in various positions, and makes the loser lick her to orgasms. The frustration of losing the match is always fun to watch on Jasmin’s face.