DWW: Eva N. vs Monique

This is a new catfight video from Danube Women Wrestling: Newcomer Monique is a strong and big lady who loves the fights and the girls. She’s yet totally unskilled, but she’s very ambitious and she’s trying to give more than 100% in her first wrestling match on our mats.

In her first match she’s facing much smaller and lighter Eva N. who’s a muscular and fit beauty. Women shouldn’t underestimate the power and strength of Eva’s muscular arms and her strong biceps. This is topless pins and submissions wrestling between big and strong newcomer Monique and smaller, but muscular, skilled and quick Eva.

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DWW: Anni vs Jenny

This is a new catfight video from Danube Women Wrestling: Jenny and Anni are both taking a shower after their exciting wet wrestling match previously released . Jenny is hot for Anni but Anni isn’t hot for Jenny as she’s not into girls and she refuses Jenny’s soft and friendly attacks.

When both girls are back into the bedroom, their feud suddenly explodes and they’re fighting. Anni is fighting to defend her virginity from Jenny’s outrageous attacks and Jenny is fighting for getting Anni’s erotic attention. This is an exciting wrestling match on the bed with lots of superb SGPINs, some scissors and erotic breast to breast bodypress pins and this time there is a clear winner.

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DWW: Pamela vs Mary-Ann

This is a new catfight video from Danube Women Wrestling: This is an exciting oil fight between two evenly matched and powerful women. Pamela had personal plans for making Mary Ann weak in a certain way and at first she suggests having a test of strength. They agreed that if Pamela could win both the arm wrestling and the breast pressing test of strength that then she would be the one choosing the rules for their oil wrestling match.

After a few minutes of test of strength competition and dialogue, both women were ready for oiling up each others body. Pamela chooses to wrestle naked while Mary-Ann was keeping on her thong, but not for long. In this real and fully competitive oil wrestling match you’ll see some tough scissors, big bulging biceps and fantastic thigh muscles, sgpins, grapevine pins and excellent wrestling moves applied between two of the strongest and most skilled female middle weight submission wrestlers you could ever imagining to see.

That’s exactly what we are calling excellent wrestling and neither the oil nor their naked bodies are taking away anything from their efforts and from the strength of these two women. You’ll love this match if you’re a wrestling fan and you’ll enjoy this match if you love beautiful and strong women in real combat. You’ll also love this match if you enjoy two sexy naked female bodies in combat.

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DWW: Dorian vs Eva

This is a new video from Danube Women Wrestling: This mixed wrestling match is between new guy Dorian and Eva. He’s physically much bigger and taller than Eva, but Eva has good muscles, strong arms and she’s skilled and experienced. We believe that this young guy loved his first wrestling match much more than he should.

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DWW: Pia vs Kim-Ly

This is a new video from Danube Women Wrestling: if you enjoy a good fight between two very different young women then you should consider to watch Pia vs newcomer Kim-Ly. If you enjoy some good scissors then you should also watch this fight. If you enjoy SGPINs, then this fight is highly recommended.

Pia is much more experienced than Kim-Ly, but she’s the smaller girl. However, Pia is an aggressive young blonde who loves a good fight and who doesn’t quit even then when a big and a strong girl like Kim-Ly would be her opponent. When the match began, it was indeed Pia who had to submit quickly in a brutal and merciless scissors of her strong Asian opponent. Pia, however, counters with aggressive and skilled SGPINs, making her opponent even more aggressive since tough Kim-Ly hates nothing more than being SGpinned by a smaller blonde.

Finally this fight is getting pretty wild and it had to be stopped when one of the two girls started to cry mainly because of frustration and also because of some pain. There’s a real fight in this topless pins and submissions match between two ambitious young women and it looks indeed as if they had an emotional street fight against each other while there’s no love nor any sympathy lost between those two competitive young women. If you’re enjoying real fights then this fight will be exactly for you. If you enjoy fantastic and aggressive SGPINs and sometimes brutal and merciless SGPIN riding and if you enjoy tough scissors, then you’ll definitely have to.

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DWW: Olenia S. vs Svetlana Kr.

This is a new video from Danube Women Wrestling: This a match from several years back, with at that time new but very determined fighter Olenia versus a more experienced Svetlana. There’s kicking and boxing, hair pulling and catfight at once, plus there is an incredible aggressiveness in this fight. The needle was particularly presented by Olenia who was a superb and such a gifted fighter. She just didn’t want to submit. Everybody would have given up that match if she were her, but Olenia did always fight back and Svetlana got pretty much into troubles with that young and strong but pretty new opponent.

A word of caution: This match is such a hard fought extreme fight that it is only recommended to those of you who are totally fearless and not fainthearted at all. For anybody else out there, watching this extreme fight would be a too shocking experience and it is therefore not recommended to watch it. This is a fighting style for the very few best of the best athletes in this world only. Those of you who love this kind of fights will be overly excited when watching their fight while those of you who don’t like things like that should better skip it.

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DWW: Christine vs Timea S.

This is a new video from Danube Women Wrestling: Christine and Timea S. are equal in age and size and they had always some strong chemistry for each other. This is a text book sex fight. There’s nude wrestling on the mats but both equally strong women tried to weaken her opponent by attacking her sexually, too. Sometimes the opponent could defend those attacks but most often she fell victim to her sexy opponent and she enjoyed her lust for the other girl while they were always fighting for winning this sex fight. Finally the loser can’t resist any longer and she submits with a shuddering orgasm to the better woman. This is one of the best sex fights of that time and strongly recommended.

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DWW: Gloria vs Mel

This is a new video from Danube Women Wrestling: Gloria is a strong woman but she’s often sniveling. Therefore she’s always vulnerable in a wild catfight, particularly when she’s matched up versus tough and brave opponents like it is Mel. There are submissions on both sides, there are hard and painful scissors and there is some intense hair pulling in this match and of course there are quite a lot of wonderful submissions.

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