KickassGirlz: Deanna Crushing Layla

This is a new catfight video from Kickass Girlz: Deanna, the stunning 5’4" blonde, squares off against the beautiful 5’4" Layla. Deanna dominates the fights, as she takes control with some nice head and body scissors. Finally she pins Layla with all her weight.

Here is a sample:

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NudeFightClub: Rio Lee vs Blue Angel

This is a new video from Nude Fight Club: Rio Lee is an up and cumming exotic hottie who’s just entered the jizz biz. She’s definitely a new kid on the block and this is her first ever catfight shooting as well. We paired her with Blue Angel, who can be fierce as a tiger but cuddly as a kittycat at the same time. And you already know how much she loves girls, so you can be sure there’ll be lots of pussymunching going on!

Here’s a sample video:

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DWW: Christine vs Timea S.

This is a new video from Danube Women Wrestling: Christine and Timea S. are equal in age and size and they had always some strong chemistry for each other. This is a text book sex fight. There’s nude wrestling on the mats but both equally strong women tried to weaken her opponent by attacking her sexually, too. Sometimes the opponent could defend those attacks but most often she fell victim to her sexy opponent and she enjoyed her lust for the other girl while they were always fighting for winning this sex fight. Finally the loser can’t resist any longer and she submits with a shuddering orgasm to the better woman. This is one of the best sex fights of that time and strongly recommended.

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DWW: Gloria vs Mel

This is a new video from Danube Women Wrestling: Gloria is a strong woman but she’s often sniveling. Therefore she’s always vulnerable in a wild catfight, particularly when she’s matched up versus tough and brave opponents like it is Mel. There are submissions on both sides, there are hard and painful scissors and there is some intense hair pulling in this match and of course there are quite a lot of wonderful submissions.

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Ultimate Surrender: Dragonlily vs Isis Love

This is a new catfight video from Ultimate Surrender: This is by far the best match we shot this year. Both wrestlers went undefeated this season. Both wrestlers are veterans from the very first season of Ultimate Surrender, actually the only ones on the roster from the first season. These are two of the most experienced wrestlers this franchise has to offer.

The Dragon dominates and humiliates The Goddess. Amazing hold after amazing hold is put on Isis and she is helpless to defend her pussy or her pride. Head scissors, body scissors, and holds only the Dragon can perform are all used on Isis. Dragon fingers Isis and has her moaning on the mat early and often. Isis is just overpowered and outclassed at almost every turn.

The Dragon traps Isis in a unique hold and fingers her to two earth shattering ORGASMS on the mat! Isis is reduced to a cumming whore and she is powerless to defend herself! The Dragon doesn’t stop there, in RD4 Isis is brutally fucked to more orgasms and made to squirt all over herself. All pride and past glory erased in one single match. Isis is beaten, defeated, and left spasming alone on the mat.

This is Isis’ last match for Ultimate Surrender. Show your support for all she has done for this sport and leave a parting comment for one of the best wrestlers we have ever had the pleasure of watching.

Here is a sample video:

Watch the full video here