Dee Williams vs Lily Lane Big Tits Catfight in Lesbian Wrestling Match at Ultimate Surrender.

Dee Williams (formerly known as Darling) is back at Ultimate Surrender. She’s one of the seasoned veterans of competitive erotic wrestling. With her blonde short hair, lovely tattoos and huge tits, she looks better than ever.

Lily Lane is a rookie, who has no wrestling experience. However, she more than matches Dee Williams in tattoos, as well as in the huge tits department. She is a real life bad ass, and wants to try her luck in wrestling.

Not a good idea, as it turns out. Dee spends most of the match on top, assaulting Lily Lane’s pussy. She smothers the brunette, kisses her forcefully, and humiliates her, scoring a lot of points in the process. Finally, Dee is able to make her opponent orgasm on the mat, the ultimate humiliation.

As if being sexually humiliated is not enough, Lily is in for a wrestling humiliation as well. Dee Williams imposes her will, applying all kinds of holds, from scissors to her signature move, the camel clutch. All this combined with fingers deep in the pussy.

Round 4 hasn’t even started, and Lily is gasping for air and pain. She is then fucked hard with a strap-on, pinned to the wall, with a lot of gagging, throat fucking and face sitting.

Lily is left on the ground utterly broken and humiliated and determined to come back on the mats and take out her frustrations on her opponent.