Ariel X vs Savannah Fox at Ultimate Surrender

Ariel X vs Savannah Fox – Exhibition match at Ultimate Surrender

The queen of Ultimate Surrender, Ariel X, decides to take on a relatively newcomer that has taken Ultimate Surrender by storm.

Savannah Fox has dominated through the past season, winning the rookie cup, and also defeating Daisy Ducati in a big surprise encounter. She was scheduled to fight Darling, but when Darling was out with an illness, Ariel X stepped in last minute to challenge the Rookie cup champion, with Syd Blakovich as a guest referee.

And if Savannah Fox thought she was tough, she was in for a rude awakening. Quickly the question was ca she score any points against the dominatrix that Ariel X is on the wrestling mats.

This was great technical match. Both wrestlers have nice toned bodies and there is nothing more erotic than the sight of sweat dripping down the muscles of hard bodies after a good workout on the mat.

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Ariel X vs Savannah FoxAriel X vs Savannah FoxAriel X vs Savannah Fox

Ariel X vs Savannah Fox

Ariel X vs Savannah Fox

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