Bella Rossi vs Cheyenne Jewel at Ultimate Surrender

Bella Rossi vs Cheyenne Jewel, big titties vs small titties battle of the red heads.

As inconceivable as it may seem, Cheyenne Jewel and Bella Rossi have not had a singles match yet at Ultimate Surrender. However, the 2015 Summer Vengeance tournament is their lucky day, as the two hot red heads square off against each other.

38687_1638199_15Both wrestlers are veterans of Ultimate Surrender and know every trick in the book. Bella Rossi uses her 69 positioning to wrap up Cheyenne and finger fuck her close to orgasm.

Cheyenne Jewel on the other hand uses her athletic body and her very strong base to keep top position most of the match, and looks to return the fingering favor to Bella.

Some great wrestling moves in this catfight, lots of double leg scissors, double body control and lots of domination.

Who will win and move forward in the tournament? And more importantly, who will fuck who in round 4?

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