Daisy Ducati vs Izamar Gutierrez at Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender brings the latest women nude wrestling match in season 11:

Daisy Ducati vs Izamar Gutierrez

Daisy Ducati represents the new blood at Ultimate Surrender, this is just her second singles match.

She has been impressive in tag team action as part of Team Dragon at the end of last season. Now she has the chance to see where she’s at against one of the elite wrestlers at Ultimate Surrender, Izamar Gutierrez.

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Daisy Ducati vs Izamar Gutierrez

Izamar usually dominates matches by power as well as technique, but in this case the strength of Daisy really surprises her, so she must use her experience to win.

Under the lustful eyes of Ariel X, both girls go for each other’s pussy quite often, and in most cases Izamar is the one scoring most of the points. Each wrestler brings the other to the brink of orgasm.

Izamar Gutierrez dominates Daisy Ducati

However, Daisy shows some moves, able to reverse some of Izamar’s holds. With experience she will become a real threat to the elite, since she has superior strength to most of them. She also has some awesome legs, which put at good use can do some real damage.

Daisy Ducati vs Izamar GutierrezIzamar Guierrez vs Daisy Ducati

All in all, a win for the veteran Izamar by a large number of points, but in terms of wrestling, the match was a lot tougher for her than the score suggests.

Round 4 is also hot, as Izamar caries Daisy Ducati on her back in a torture rack, while finger fucking her, along with all kinds of strap-on action.

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Darling and Bella Rossi vs Penny Barber and Juliette March – Tag Team Match

New tag team wrestling match from Ultimate Surrender, season 11. The match was shot in front of a live audience!

Penny Barber at Ultimate Surrender

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This match was supposed to be Darling and Mia Li against Penny Barber and Juliette March. However Mia couldn’t make it, so this being shot in front of so many people, a replacement had to be found quickly.

And who better to step in than Bella Rossi?

Bella Rossi at Ultimate Surrender

Darling and Bella Rossi vs Penny Barber and Juliette March – pure entertainment

Whenever Darling and Bella Rossi team up, you got sexiness, skill and domination.

They were probably the best team in Ultimate Surrender last season.

So needless to say, if they go against an opponent who’s known for her huge orgasms on the mat in Penny Barber, and a rookie in Juliette March, the match result can only be a foregone conclusion.

Juliette did well in individual competition, but tag team matches are totally different. Penny has experience and can help her, but they are up against 2 wrestlers who are in their best physical shape yet.

Darling and Bella Rossi vs Penny Barber and Juliette March

So the only question is how much will they dominate and how many orgasms will the former members of team Nightmare force.

And all this to the delight of the audience. Juliette and especially Penny does not want to be embarrassed in front such a big crowd, as she was only a few weeks ago in last season’s tag team finale.

Darling and Bella Rossi vs Penny Barber and Juliette MarchDarling and Bella Rossi vs Penny Barber and Juliette March

Can she avoid being forced to orgasm? Or will she let it go again and again?

By these pictures, I think you know the answer. 😉

Round 4 is especially exciting, as Ariel X joins the fun for the victors, as they fuck the shit out of the losers, especially Juliette March. The rookie gets most of the rude treatment, from a full strap-on gangbang, to the signature standing 69 from Bella Rossi.

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Lyla Storm vs Ana Foxxx at Ultimate Surrender

Lyla Storm vs Ana Foxxx is new match at Ultimate Surrender season 11.

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Lyla Storm vs Ana Foxxx at Ultimate Surrender

Lyla is back and this time she’s taking on a rookie. With her tall frame and long legs she thinks she’ll have no problems against her fresh opponent, but think again!

Ana Foxxx herself seems like a gym rat, with a very strong core and equally long legs. She doesn’t have a lot of wrestling experience, but just a few pointers from Ariel X and she’s very much back into the match.

What starts to appear as a runaway win for Lyla Storm turns into a nail-biter. The strength of Ana really bothers Lyla, and on the other hand Ana gets into some great controlling positions, but her lack of experience shows as she does not know how to score points, at least at the beginning.

Lyla Storm vs Ana Foxxx at Ultimate SurrenderLyla Storm vs Ana Foxxx at Ultimate Surrender

So can Lyla Storm hang on, or can Ana Foxxx score enough point to cause a huge upset?

Lyla Storm vs Ana Foxxx catight

Some very sexy action in round 4 as well. Lots of strap-on fucking and body licking and worshiping for the winner.

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Cali Logan vs Emily Addison – Two Catfights

Vintage catfight videos between Cali Logan and Emily Addison.

Cali Logan vs Emily Addison – video 1

“The California Girl” Cali Logan is getting ready for her match when she’s being attacked in the locker room by her opponent, “The Assassin” Emily Addison.

Cali Logan vs Emily Addison - video 1Cali Logan vs Emily Addison - video 1

Emily takes advantage of Cali, puts her to sleep and weakens her for the match by making her cum against her will.

Cali Logan vs Emily Addison - locker roomCali Logan vs Emily Addison - locker room

As the match starts, Cali barely can make it to the ring.

Emily brutally dominates and destroys the defenseless Cali in the match.

Cali Logan vs Emily Addison - video 1

She uses all kinds of wrestling moves: bulldog, slam, clothesline, atomic pussy drop, Lou Thez press, elbow drops, as well as punches, kicks, low blows, and generally beats up Cali from pillar to post!

Cali Logan vs Emily Addison - video 1Cali Logan vs Emily Addison - video 1

As if that is not enough, Emily wants Cali utterly and completely humiliated! She strips Cali, stuffs her bikini bottoms in her mouth, and makes her orgasm yet again!! Quite possibly the hottest wrestling match ever shot!!

Cali Logan vs Emily Addison - video 1

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Cali Logan vs Emily Addison – video 2

In this video, which is not related to the previous one, Cali Logan is furious that the fans have voted Emily Addison the “Best Tits and Ass”.

Cali Logan vs Emily Addison - video 2

So Cali proceeds to destroy Emily’s most precious gifts: her tits and her ass!

Cali Logan vs Emily Addison - video 2

She claws and strikes Emily’s breasts repeatedly, as well as kicking and kneeing her ass and crotch. Emily is totally defenseless, has no power to fight back, only to take the punishment.

 Emily Addison vs Cali Logan - video 2Emily Addison vs Cali Logan - video 2Cali even makes Emily to orgasm against her will–with a wedgie! Yes, this match has what may be the very first “wedgie orgasm” ever to take place in a ring!!

Emily Addison vs Cali Logan - video 2

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Paris Lincoln vs Darling at Ultimate Surrender

Paris Lincoln is a newcomer at Ultimate Surrender season 11 and she’s looking to use her “presidential powers” on the other wrestlers, under the watchful eye of Ariel X.

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But until she can do that, she needs to prove she’s able to overcome one of the Ultimate Surrender’s most popular, tough and hot wrestlers, “The Grappler” Darling.

Paris Lincoln vs Darling

The match is one-sided, as you might expect, and it comes down whether or not Darling is able to use her camel clutch and grappling moves and force submissions out of Paris.

Paris Lincoln vs Darling

She also tries to make Paris cum on the mat, you have to watch the match to see if she succeeds.

Paris Lincoln vs Darling

Paris is very flexible and can withstand a lot of bending and twisting. This is particularly evident in round 4, where she is fucked with the strap-on in some very interesting positions.

Paris Lincoln vs Darling

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Ultimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen

Bella Rossi vs Jayogen, Veteran introduces rookie to Ultimate Surrender mats

Jayogen is a newcomer this year at Ultimate Surrender. She’s only wrestled briefly as a replacement for Syd Blakovich in the Tag Team finale this summer.

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She looked very impressive in that match. She’s the new breed of strong, athletic wrestlers that have recently joined Ultimate Surrender (Sophia Fiore comes to mind, I can’t wait for a match between those two).

In this match she’s making her singles debut against her tag partner, Bella Rossi.

Ultimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen

Bella has years of experience. She has been impressive in her tournament matches. She narrowly lost the Penny Barber Last season in the Welter Weight tournament.

Ultimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs JayogenUltimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen

The interesting thing is that Jayogen has not been fucked in front of the camera before, so if she loses, it’s going to be for the first time. Needless to say, Bella wants to be the one to take Jayogen’s virginity.

Ultimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen

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PS: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen was shot and Streamed LIVE! Join Ultimate Surrender and don’t miss the next Live show November 15th. The winner of this match takes on Penny Barber!

Tia Ling abs destruction

If you’re a big fan of lean, athletic girls, then you shouldn’t miss this!

Tia Ling absTia Ling

Tia Ling is one of the sexiest wrestlers ever to compete on Ultimate Surrender. She does pretty good against the lower ranked wrestlers, she likes to stick her fingers in their pussies and humiliate them in round 4.

Tia Ling abs destruction by US veterans

However, from time to time she meets a veteran, like Ariel X, Dragonlily or Darling, she gets a taste of her own medicine.

Tia Ling is strong and has great muscles, but she’s petite and has a size disadvantage against almost all veterans. And they know how to take advantage, as they proceed to methodically do a Tia Ling abs destruction, forcing her into submissions with deadly scissors around her abdomen, while their fingers violently probe he pussy for minutes at a time.

Tia Ling abs destructionTia Ling abs destructionTia Ling absTia Ling

She’s being tossed around like a piece of meat. But that’s not all, it’s just the beginning.

Tia’s endless orgasms in round 4

They know Tia’s secret, that she can have dozens of orgasms if stimulated properly.

So as Tia looses the matches, perverse girls like Ariel X and Darling proceed not only to fuck her with the traditional strap-on, but immobilize her, spread her legs and force her to cum tens of times with a vibrator.

Tia LingTia Ling

Poor Tia has nothing left to do but succumb to all the overwhelming pleasure that is forced upon her. And just when you thought she’s had enough, there’s nothing left inside her…

Tia Ling

Bang! Her body shivers and another orgasm explodes, as she begs for mercy, again and again…

And when she finally thinks it’s over, as she’s laying down drained and soaked in her own cum, she is being forced to please her victors once more, this time by sucking their pussies until they orgasm as well.

Tia Ling

There’s nothing more arousing than seeing the humiliated Tia, gasping for air, as other girls facesit her and force her to make them cum on her face.

Witness all of Tia Ling abs destruction movies by clicking the link:

Ultimate Surrender Tia Ling matches