Daisy Ducati vs Mia Li at Ultimate Surrender

Daisy Ducati vs Mia Li available now at Ultimate Surrender.

Daisy Ducati returns.

Today it both these girls very first singles match. Although this is Daisy Ducati’s first singles match, she is no stranger to the Ultimate Surrender ways. She stepped in Mid season in season 10 to fill Audrey Rose’s place on Team Dragon for the Tag Team Season.

She’s gone up against the best wrestlers we have and she’s held her own. In fact, she’s the one who gave Penny Barber her orgasm on the mat during the Tag Team Finale sexfight.

So today, she’s the veteran and she’s back for more. And she get some fresh meat to play with.

Welcum Mia Li

Mia Li is here for her first match ever. She confident, however that her muscles will get her the victory. She’s physically strong but she has a weakness. She cums fast and hard. And it didn’t take long for her opponent to find her weakness and exploit it to the fullest.

This match is one of the sexiest physical domination scenes in US history. Even tho Mia is made to cum over and over, she never gives up. She fights to the bitter end and gives Daisy Ducati a run for her money. But in the end, it is Daisy who has the last laugh, and some sore fingers from all the fingering going on.

If the match itself wasn’t enough for Mia, she get the full attention of Daisy in round 4 as well.

One of the coolest season debuts in recent years, be sure to check it out!

Daisy Ducati vs Mia Li

Daisy Ducati vs Mia Li

Daisy Ducati vs Mia Li

Daisy Ducati vs Mia Li

Daisy Ducati vs Mia Li

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