Ultimate Surrender: Ariel X vs Bella Rossi

This is a new catfight video from Ultimate Surrender: The entire season comes down to one brutal match.

Ariel X (18-2) is a 6 season veteran. She has won 2 featherweight Championships, a lightweight Championship and 1 overall Ultimate Surrender Championship! To win she will need to overcome a girl who is experienced, has 2 inches and 45lbs on her.

Bella Rossi (6-1) is a 3 season veteran of the site. She is big, strong and knows how to push around little opponents. This is her first time in the Championship round, and she plans on making her first time count. There is no surrender in this girl, and she uses every advantage she has to win a match. Bella is one of the most feared wrestlers on the roster and for good reason.

This match had everything you would expect from a Championship match. Submissions, finger fucking, tears, pure determination to win, it was an all out 24 minute war from hell. One girl took it all home, one girl got fucked and humiliated as a loser in a dirty bathroom.

Here is a sample of the full video:

Watch in HD here!