UltimateSurrender Tag Team Match: Darling, Iona Grace vs Ariel X, Chloe Camilla

This is a new catfight video from Ultimate Surrender: The Pirates: Led by Ariel X (18-2) this team won it’s first match against the Dragons in an all out war. They won by less then 100pts and it was a close battle the entire match up. Rookie Chloe Camilla (0-3) has learned and grown. She breaks into the top 16 of Ultimate Surrender wrestlers and now will make the Summer Vengeance Tournament!

Team Ice: Led by Darling (18-5) this team was destroyed by The Goddesses in their first match up. Darling is a top ranked veteran wrestler, but is new to the Tag Team League. Her partner Iona Grace (1-0) is a rookie with the least amount of mat experience of any other member of the Tag Team League. This team has much to overcome and has little time to do it.

Full nelsons, head scissors, body scissors, figure four head locks, a modified camel crutch, these are just a few of the amazing holds that each team punished the other with. Non-scripted wrestling in Tag Team format, the only thing like it in the world. The best part, when one girl has the other helpless on the mat, she gets fingered and molested for points.

Here is a sample of the full video:

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NudeFightClub: Antonya vs Sophie Moone

This is a new video from Nude Fight Club: Sophie and Antonya are two blonde amazons who will fight for total domination. Some nice holds, armlocks, chokeholds and throws follow each other until only one remains standing, attire torn, will broken and ready to be defeated in a more sensual way.

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Ultimate Surrender: Juliette March vs Iona Grace

This is a new catfight video from Ultimate Surrender: This is the first match up in the Ultimate Surrender Summer Vengeance Tournament of Champions in 2011, opposing the top 16 competitors of Season 8.

This is a match between 2 tiny and relatively inexperienced wrestlers. Iona Grace finished the season ranked 15th, she had only one match up in single competition but was very active in the Tag Team league. Juliette March got a pass right into the number 16th spot. Due to numerous injuries and a last minute drop out, Juliette gets to fight her debut match directly in the tournament.

Here is a sample of the full video:

Watch in HD here!