Ultimate Surrender: Samantha Sin vs Sara Jay

Sara Jay destroys Samantha Sin on the mat at Ultimate Surrender

This is a new catfight video from Ultimate Surrender: Welcome ‘The Beast” to Ultimate Surrender. Sara Jay with her huge “EE” boobs and amazing ass have entered the building. Sara is one of the most competitive rookies we have seen all year. This girl does not want to lose. If she gets your head smothered in between those massive boobs, it’s all over.

Sara’s massive boobage and ass was just too much for Samantha Sin to handle. On multiple occasions Sara tried to smoother the life out of Sin with her massive “EE” breasts. The Beast was too much for the veteran.

Samantha soon found out why Sara named herself the Beast in RD4. Sara brutally and without mercy fucked the living hell out of the smaller veteran. Humiliated and fucked her hard! Samantha was left on the mat a shell of what she once was…

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RingDivas: Destiny Dumon vs Ultimate Gojirah vs Vanessa Kraven

This is a new catfight video from Ring Divas: The RingDivas Womens World Champion Destiny Dumon puts her title on the line against two of the largest, most powerful womens wrestlers in the world, The Ultimate Gojirah and Vanessa Kraven in a Triple Threat match. No Disqualifications, No Count Outs the winner must win by pinfall or submission.

No nudity in this one, but some great wrestling moves: 2 on 1 beatdowns, sleeper holds, hair pulling, face slaps, trash talking, body scissors, camel clutch, firemans carry slam, full nelson, clotheslines, etc.

Watch and see if Destiny Dumon can survive as champion.

Watch in HD here!

Ultimate Surrender: DragonLily vs Chloe Camilla

This is a new catfight video from Ultimate Surrender: Great test match for the Dragon against the inexperienced Chloe Camilla. She tries new holds and techniques, and various ways to finger her opnent on the mat and bring her to the bring of orgasm.

Lots of superb moves and leg locks from Dragonlily in this match. She destroys the Conqueror. Then in round fours she fucks the hell out of Chloe, fists her, makes her cum again and again and leaves her shuddering and convulsing on the mat, soaking in her own pussy juices.

Here is a sample of the full video:

Watch in HD here!