Wenona vs Nikki Darling at Ultimate Surrender

This is the last match of 2013 at Ultimate Surrender, and it is a very hot one.

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Wenona is back after some humiliating losses, and this time takes on another wrestler with a similarly lean and athletic body: the lovely ebony Nikki Darling.

Wenona vs Nikki Darling catfight at Ultimate Surrender

Nikki is much smaller than Wenona and doesn’t have the same experience, so it’s clear who’s gonna win this one.

However Nikki has a rather unorthodox strategy: whenever Wenona takes control from the top, she tries to eat her pussy. She is known for doing this, and Wenona seems to enjoy it up to the point of orgasm, while she’s in control.

Wenona vs Nikki Darling catfight at Ultimate SurrenderWenona vs Nikki Darling atfight at Ultimate Surrender

Nikki Darling is able to put up a much better fight than in previous matches where she was totally destroyed, and even if she looses this match by a large margin as well, her effort is much better.

Wenona vs Nikki Darling catfight at Ultimate Surrender

What’s even hotter about this match is round 4!

After the usual strap-on sucking and fucking, Ariel X joins the action for one of the hottest and special scenes of the whole season. And if that wasn’t enough, Wenona wants to cum as well, and makes Nikki fuck her in the ass.

It’s a bit rare that you the winner make the loser fuck her from a dominant position, let alone in the ass, so it’s a welcome twist to one of the hottest shoots of the season.

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