Ultimate Surrender: Tori Luxe vs Emma Haize

This is a new catfight video from Ultimate Surrender: Tori now has two matches under her belt and some valuable experience. Still looking for her first victory, she is determined to win this match against her smaller opponent. She is really looking for forward to fucking her if she wins.

Little Emma Haize is back, and is also ready to learn what victory tastes like. She knows Tori is bigger, but Emma is determined to beat her fellow rookie. Emma is going to have to move fast and get on top if she hopes to contain “The Phoenix”.

Tori dominated from the start, and overpowered the smaller Emma. Tori used her strong legs and forced Emma to submit to the crushing force. Tori got fingers in Emma early and often and dominated Emma on the mat. During Round 4 Tori demonstrated a real art for dominating and humiliating her toy, as she gave Emma an ass fucking she won’t soon forget.

Here is a sample video:

Watch the full video here

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