Ultimate Surrender: Allie Haze vs Chloe Camilla

Allie Haze vs Chloe Camilla Rookies Battle at Ultimate Surrender

This is a new catfight video from Ultimate Surrender: Allie Haze got a taste for winning her last match, and never wants to give that up. She loves dominating and fucking helpless losers on the mat. For someone who looks so cute and innocent, this one sure has a mean streak.

Chloe Camilla is back, this sexy blonde has one match under her belt. Chloe is a little spitfire who doesn’t like losing, and gives 100% every second on the mat.

Chloe suffers another win and is not happy about it. Allie Haze is pleased to death and shows Chloe what a brutal fucking can feel like. Allie dominated during the wrestling and downright humiliates the loser in Round Four. Chloe will not soon forget this loss. Revenge can be a bitch and Chloe hopes she gets the chance.

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