Tia Ling abs destruction

If you’re a big fan of lean, athletic girls, then you shouldn’t miss this!

Tia Ling absTia Ling

Tia Ling is one of the sexiest wrestlers ever to compete on Ultimate Surrender. She does pretty good against the lower ranked wrestlers, she likes to stick her fingers in their pussies and humiliate them in round 4.

Tia Ling abs destruction by US veterans

However, from time to time she meets a veteran, like Ariel X, Dragonlily or Darling, she gets a taste of her own medicine.

Tia Ling is strong and has great muscles, but she’s petite and has a size disadvantage against almost all veterans. And they know how to take advantage, as they proceed to methodically do a Tia Ling abs destruction, forcing her into submissions with deadly scissors around her abdomen, while their fingers violently probe he pussy for minutes at a time.

Tia Ling abs destructionTia Ling abs destructionTia Ling absTia Ling

She’s being tossed around like a piece of meat. But that’s not all, it’s just the beginning.

Tia’s endless orgasms in round 4

They know Tia’s secret, that she can have dozens of orgasms if stimulated properly.

So as Tia looses the matches, perverse girls like Ariel X and Darling proceed not only to fuck her with the traditional strap-on, but immobilize her, spread her legs and force her to cum tens of times with a vibrator.

Tia LingTia Ling

Poor Tia has nothing left to do but succumb to all the overwhelming pleasure that is forced upon her. And just when you thought she’s had enough, there’s nothing left inside her…

Tia Ling

Bang! Her body shivers and another orgasm explodes, as she begs for mercy, again and again…

And when she finally thinks it’s over, as she’s laying down drained and soaked in her own cum, she is being forced to please her victors once more, this time by sucking their pussies until they orgasm as well.

Tia Ling

There’s nothing more arousing than seeing the humiliated Tia, gasping for air, as other girls facesit her and force her to make them cum on her face.

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