DWW: Eva N. vs Monique

This is a new catfight video from Danube Women Wrestling: Newcomer Monique is a strong and big lady who loves the fights and the girls. She’s yet totally unskilled, but she’s very ambitious and she’s trying to give more than 100% in her first wrestling match on our mats.

In her first match she’s facing much smaller and lighter Eva N. who’s a muscular and fit beauty. Women shouldn’t underestimate the power and strength of Eva’s muscular arms and her strong biceps. This is topless pins and submissions wrestling between big and strong newcomer Monique and smaller, but muscular, skilled and quick Eva.

Watch it here!

KnockoutGrilz: Candace vs Kym

New catfight bellypunching and cuntbusting video from Knockout Girlz: Kym got her tits and belly punched, but as she lies with her legs open in front of Candace, she almost begs for it. Cuntbusting! Candace slaps and punches Kym’s crotch. The line between pain and pleasure is so thin… Kym is having a blast. She has a bellypunching fetish and just loves getting punched by Candace who is twice her size. Her belly is all red and her nipples are hard when she screams with pleasure.

Watch in HD here!

KickassGirlz: Cali Logan vs Chrissy

This is a new catfight video from Kickass Girlz: Cali Logan and Chrissy are on the bed comparing breasts and arguing which ones has the nicest tits. This degenerates into a highly erotic catfight. Two natural beauties going at it.

Not a new video, but very sensual.

Here is a sample:

Watch the full video here

DWW: Gloria vs Mel

This is a new video from Danube Women Wrestling: Gloria is a strong woman but she’s often sniveling. Therefore she’s always vulnerable in a wild catfight, particularly when she’s matched up versus tough and brave opponents like it is Mel. There are submissions on both sides, there are hard and painful scissors and there is some intense hair pulling in this match and of course there are quite a lot of wonderful submissions.

Watch the full video here