Holly Heart,Daisy Ducati,Penny Barber,Darling,Lisa Tiffian,Jayogen Tag Team Match

Holly Heart,Daisy Ducati,Penny Barber,Darling,Lisa Tiffian,Jayogen, the last tag team match for the Ultimate Surrender season 2015.

This catfight has been fought in front of a live audience at Ultimate Surrender.

Holly Heart,Daisy Ducati,Penny Barber,Darling,Lisa Tiffian,JayogenPenny Barber hopes her team can make up for the lost ground in previous matches against Darling‘s team, and this is the last chance. She doesn’t have the most experienced wrestlers on her team, but some of the strongest.

Asian Jayogen has a strong body and strong legs, while ebony Lisa Tiffian‘s big body can only help in staying on top of her opponents in tag team competition.

On Team Darling, blonde veteran Holly Heart has wrestled her way back to form in the past year and hopes to help win the ultimate tag team competition of the season. Daisy Ducati is strong, athletic and lean, and loves to rip orgasms on the mat out of her opponents.

Which one of these two teams will win? A lot is at stake, as the loser’s captain is fucked hard in front of the live audience in round 4, while all losers trib fuck in a biggest loser battle. Everyone gets fucked one way or another!

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Daisy Ducati and Lyla Storm vs Jayogen and Mona Wales: Ultimate Surrender Tag Team Lesbians Match

This is the LIVE Tag Team event of the month of January 2014 at Ultimate Surrender. Every First Friday of the month, the matches are streamed LIVE from Ultimate Surrender. If you miss the matches live, they will be available for download on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

This catfight brings Team Doomsday, which includes fan favorites Daisy Ducati and Lyla Storm, against Team Beast of Jayogen and new-cumer, Mona Wales.

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Daisy Ducati and Lyla Storm vs Jayogen and Mona WalesDaisy is quickly making a name for herself this season. She’s imposing orgasms out of opponents in singles matches left and right. She is joined by Lyla Storm, who’s feisty personality is sure to bring a lot of attention, along with her improving wrestling skills.

The great dynamic between Daisy Ducati and Mona Wales can be witnessed in their singles match, and it gets a new dimension in this tag team action. Mona was completely mortified from her loss against Daisy last week. She went out and got some training, and shows great promise. With Jayogen as her Team Captain, they have a great chance at victory in this match.

Daisy Ducati and Lyla Storm vs Jayogen and Mona WalesDaisy Ducati and Lyla Storm vs Jayogen and Mona WalesDaisy Ducati and Lyla Storm vs Jayogen and Mona WalesThe match itself is very close, as Daisy and Lyla are not able to take full advantage of Mona’s inexperience. But are they good enough to win?

In round 4, the Winners fuck the losers until they are a sweaty puddle of shame. The losers aren’t allowed to cum until the live audience gives permission. The fans of Ultimate Surrender show mercy on our losers and they are eventually allowed to come only AFTER they make our losers cum first.

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Penny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate Surrender

This match was shot LIVE on Noveber 15th and streamed to all the Ultimate Surrender members in real-time, who could comment and make suggestions as the match went on.

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Penny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate Surrender

The winner of this match will face Cheyenne Jewel in the tournament, so stay tuned for that as well.

Penny Barber vs Jayogen – the match itself

Penny is known to the whole community as one of the best trash talkers in the game, as well as one of the biggest forced orgasms receivers on the mat.

However, this match fit her like a glove, as she was fighting a rookie. Jayogen is strong and proud, but lacks experience. And you could see that Penny’s constant talking during the match was getting to her.

Penny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate Surrender

The match started with Jayogen in control. There was a lot of great counter wrestling, where neither wrestler didn’t allow her opponent to score a great of points which she was in control.

In the end, Penny’s improvement as a wrestler and her knack for scoring points when in control, proved decisive, along with Jayogen’s inexperience and lack of stamina.

Penny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate SurrenderPenny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate Surrender

The fun part of this match was in round 4. This was a long round 4, and Penny was taking her time in sexually dominating her opponent. You could tell Jayogen is not used to being submissive, and Penny did not brutally force herself onto her, but gradually wore her down sexually, first by fingering, then by fucking her with the strap-on, and in the end by cumming on her face.

Personally I found the Penny Barber vs Jayogen round 4 to be one of the hottest finishes in Ultimate Surrender recent memory.

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Ultimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen

Bella Rossi vs Jayogen, Veteran introduces rookie to Ultimate Surrender mats

Jayogen is a newcomer this year at Ultimate Surrender. She’s only wrestled briefly as a replacement for Syd Blakovich in the Tag Team finale this summer.

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She looked very impressive in that match. She’s the new breed of strong, athletic wrestlers that have recently joined Ultimate Surrender (Sophia Fiore comes to mind, I can’t wait for a match between those two).

In this match she’s making her singles debut against her tag partner, Bella Rossi.

Ultimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen

Bella has years of experience. She has been impressive in her tournament matches. She narrowly lost the Penny Barber Last season in the Welter Weight tournament.

Ultimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs JayogenUltimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen

The interesting thing is that Jayogen has not been fucked in front of the camera before, so if she loses, it’s going to be for the first time. Needless to say, Bella wants to be the one to take Jayogen’s virginity.

Ultimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen

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PS: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen was shot and Streamed LIVE! Join Ultimate Surrender and don’t miss the next Live show November 15th. The winner of this match takes on Penny Barber!