Dee Williams vs Lily Lane Big Tits Catfight in Lesbian Wrestling Match at Ultimate Surrender.

Dee Williams (formerly known as Darling) is back at Ultimate Surrender. She’s one of the seasoned veterans of competitive erotic wrestling. With her blonde short hair, lovely tattoos and huge tits, she looks better than ever.

Lily Lane is a rookie, who has no wrestling experience. However, she more than matches Dee Williams in tattoos, as well as in the huge tits department. She is a real life bad ass, and wants to try her luck in wrestling.

Not a good idea, as it turns out. Dee spends most of the match on top, assaulting Lily Lane’s pussy. She smothers the brunette, kisses her forcefully, and humiliates her, scoring a lot of points in the process. Finally, Dee is able to make her opponent orgasm on the mat, the ultimate humiliation.

As if being sexually humiliated is not enough, Lily is in for a wrestling humiliation as well. Dee Williams imposes her will, applying all kinds of holds, from scissors to her signature move, the camel clutch. All this combined with fingers deep in the pussy.

Round 4 hasn’t even started, and Lily is gasping for air and pain. She is then fucked hard with a strap-on, pinned to the wall, with a lot of gagging, throat fucking and face sitting.

Lily is left on the ground utterly broken and humiliated and determined to come back on the mats and take out her frustrations on her opponent.

Tag Team Championship Match: Penny Barber, Daisy Ducati, Darling, Cheyenne Jewel, Izamar Gutierrez and others

Lesbian Tag team Championship match: Penny Barber,Daisy Ducati,Darling,Cheyenne Jewel,Izamar Gutierrez, Syd Blakovich, Juliette March, Yasmine Loven, Holly Heart, Mia Li, Mona Wales, Angel Allwood and Lisa Tiffian

These Team Captains have been going at it all season long. It’s been a back and forth battle all season. Just when one team gets ahead in points, the other team cums from behind and closes the gap.

Under the watchful eye of referees Ariel X and Syd Blakovich and in front of a live audience, the Grapplers (Darling, Daisy Ducati, Holly Heart, Angel Allwood, Izamar Gutierrez and Juliette March) come in with less than a 300 point lead. Penny Barber‘s Team Tarrasque has some strong players on their team tonight (Mia Li, Cheyenne Jewel, Mona Wales, Lisa Tiffian and Yasmine Loven) and they are hoping to get the victory and give Darling the gang bang she deserves.

In Round 1 cute lesbians Mona Wales and Mia Li for Team Tarrasque take on the hot and skilled Daisy Ducati and Juliette March for Team Grappler.

Round 2 sees ebony girls Lisa Tiffian and Yasmine Loven for Team Tarrasque taking on hot blondes Holly Heart and Angel Allwood for Team Grappler.

In round 3 we have top ranked and captains going against each other: Penny Barber and Cheyenne Jewel for Team Tarrasque vs Darling and Izamar for Team Grappler.

Round 4 is a brutal gang bang of the losing team. Fucked hard, turned into human dildos to be used to make the winner cum. Mutiny for the lesbians in the losing team, as they turn on their captain and gang bang her, fisting her hard!

Bonus: some hot lesbian action in some behind the scenes footage!

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Holly Heart,Daisy Ducati,Penny Barber,Darling,Lisa Tiffian,Jayogen Tag Team Match

Holly Heart,Daisy Ducati,Penny Barber,Darling,Lisa Tiffian,Jayogen, the last tag team match for the Ultimate Surrender season 2015.

This catfight has been fought in front of a live audience at Ultimate Surrender.

Holly Heart,Daisy Ducati,Penny Barber,Darling,Lisa Tiffian,JayogenPenny Barber hopes her team can make up for the lost ground in previous matches against Darling‘s team, and this is the last chance. She doesn’t have the most experienced wrestlers on her team, but some of the strongest.

Asian Jayogen has a strong body and strong legs, while ebony Lisa Tiffian‘s big body can only help in staying on top of her opponents in tag team competition.

On Team Darling, blonde veteran Holly Heart has wrestled her way back to form in the past year and hopes to help win the ultimate tag team competition of the season. Daisy Ducati is strong, athletic and lean, and loves to rip orgasms on the mat out of her opponents.

Which one of these two teams will win? A lot is at stake, as the loser’s captain is fucked hard in front of the live audience in round 4, while all losers trib fuck in a biggest loser battle. Everyone gets fucked one way or another!

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Darling and Bella Rossi vs Penny Barber and Juliette March – Tag Team Match

New tag team wrestling match from Ultimate Surrender, season 11. The match was shot in front of a live audience!

Penny Barber at Ultimate Surrender

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This match was supposed to be Darling and Mia Li against Penny Barber and Juliette March. However Mia couldn’t make it, so this being shot in front of so many people, a replacement had to be found quickly.

And who better to step in than Bella Rossi?

Bella Rossi at Ultimate Surrender

Darling and Bella Rossi vs Penny Barber and Juliette March – pure entertainment

Whenever Darling and Bella Rossi team up, you got sexiness, skill and domination.

They were probably the best team in Ultimate Surrender last season.

So needless to say, if they go against an opponent who’s known for her huge orgasms on the mat in Penny Barber, and a rookie in Juliette March, the match result can only be a foregone conclusion.

Juliette did well in individual competition, but tag team matches are totally different. Penny has experience and can help her, but they are up against 2 wrestlers who are in their best physical shape yet.

Darling and Bella Rossi vs Penny Barber and Juliette March

So the only question is how much will they dominate and how many orgasms will the former members of team Nightmare force.

And all this to the delight of the audience. Juliette and especially Penny does not want to be embarrassed in front such a big crowd, as she was only a few weeks ago in last season’s tag team finale.

Darling and Bella Rossi vs Penny Barber and Juliette MarchDarling and Bella Rossi vs Penny Barber and Juliette March

Can she avoid being forced to orgasm? Or will she let it go again and again?

By these pictures, I think you know the answer. 😉

Round 4 is especially exciting, as Ariel X joins the fun for the victors, as they fuck the shit out of the losers, especially Juliette March. The rookie gets most of the rude treatment, from a full strap-on gangbang, to the signature standing 69 from Bella Rossi.

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Paris Lincoln vs Darling at Ultimate Surrender

Paris Lincoln is a newcomer at Ultimate Surrender season 11 and she’s looking to use her “presidential powers” on the other wrestlers, under the watchful eye of Ariel X.

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But until she can do that, she needs to prove she’s able to overcome one of the Ultimate Surrender’s most popular, tough and hot wrestlers, “The Grappler” Darling.

Paris Lincoln vs Darling

The match is one-sided, as you might expect, and it comes down whether or not Darling is able to use her camel clutch and grappling moves and force submissions out of Paris.

Paris Lincoln vs Darling

She also tries to make Paris cum on the mat, you have to watch the match to see if she succeeds.

Paris Lincoln vs Darling

Paris is very flexible and can withstand a lot of bending and twisting. This is particularly evident in round 4, where she is fucked with the strap-on in some very interesting positions.

Paris Lincoln vs Darling

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Ultimate Surrender Tag Team Championship Match: Darling & Ariel X vs Bella Rossi & Cheyenne Jewel

This is a new catfight video from Ultimate Surrender: This is the 2011 Championship match. Ariel X and Darling take on Bella Rossi and Cheyenne Jewel in front of the live audience. Great wrestling as usual finished with a brutal 4th round, where the users are fucked for the pleasure of the watchers in the audience.

Here is a sample of the full video:

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Ultimate Surrender: Darling vs Mahina Zaltana

This is a new catfight video from Ultimate Surrender: Ranked 4th, Darling got to sit back and see which wrestler would finally make it though to her. Sitting in the top four gives you the advantage of time. Darling is one of the elite wrestlers of the site when she is healthy. Her training off the mat has toned and turned her body in a sexy weapon capable of causing ass destruction.

Mahina has taken to our sport. She has picked up a wrestling trainer and is looking to make a name for herself at US. As a rookie she might be up for Rookie of the year. It is amazing to see how far she has improved over the season!

You might be rookie of the year, however there is still a wide gap between good and elite. Darling just destroys Mahina with brutal submission holds, and finger fucking. Mahina was a puppet on the mat, unable to launch any kind of offense. For 24 minutes Mahina was simply a play thing for the aggressive Grappler!

Darling used The loser as brutally in RD4 as she did in the wrestling rounds. Mahina works out 5 times a week and trains 3 for wrestling, but today now she is simply a common whore getting fucked like a slut for being a loser..

Here is a sample of the full video:

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UltimateSurrender Tag Team Match: Darling, Iona Grace vs Ariel X, Chloe Camilla

This is a new catfight video from Ultimate Surrender: The Pirates: Led by Ariel X (18-2) this team won it’s first match against the Dragons in an all out war. They won by less then 100pts and it was a close battle the entire match up. Rookie Chloe Camilla (0-3) has learned and grown. She breaks into the top 16 of Ultimate Surrender wrestlers and now will make the Summer Vengeance Tournament!

Team Ice: Led by Darling (18-5) this team was destroyed by The Goddesses in their first match up. Darling is a top ranked veteran wrestler, but is new to the Tag Team League. Her partner Iona Grace (1-0) is a rookie with the least amount of mat experience of any other member of the Tag Team League. This team has much to overcome and has little time to do it.

Full nelsons, head scissors, body scissors, figure four head locks, a modified camel crutch, these are just a few of the amazing holds that each team punished the other with. Non-scripted wrestling in Tag Team format, the only thing like it in the world. The best part, when one girl has the other helpless on the mat, she gets fingered and molested for points.

Here is a sample of the full video:

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Ultimate Surrender: Darling vs Iona Grace

Darling destroys Iona Grace and fucks her like whore at Ultimate Surrender

This is a new catfight video from Ultimate Surrender: Darling is back on the mat and is in the best shape of her career. This 5 year veteran has faced her share of veterans and rookies alike. One of the league’s leading smack talkers, Darling loves to verbally tease and torment her opponents, especially when she is kicking their ass.

Welcome Iona Grace to Singles competition. This feisty red head comes packing natural “DD” breasts and has a body to match. Iona does not give up or give in, when this girl is on the mat it is 100% effort every second.

Iona is welcomed to Ultimate Surrender in a blaze of fire and pain. Darling turns the feisty red head into a whimpering, moaning plaything.

Darling makes Iona submit multiple times to outstanding crushing holds and fingers her to moan like a common whore on the mat.

Darling fucks the living shit out of her in round 4 and makes Iona lick her pussy and lick it good. This is the one place on the internet that losing has real consequences!

Darling destroys Iona Grace and fucks her like whore at Ultimate Surrender Darling destroys Iona Grace and fucks her like whore at Ultimate Surrender Darling destroys Iona Grace and fucks her like whore at Ultimate Surrender Darling destroys Iona Grace and fucks her like whore at Ultimate Surrender

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