Penny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate Surrender

This match was shot LIVE on Noveber 15th and streamed to all the Ultimate Surrender members in real-time, who could comment and make suggestions as the match went on.

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Penny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate Surrender

The winner of this match will face Cheyenne Jewel in the tournament, so stay tuned for that as well.

Penny Barber vs Jayogen – the match itself

Penny is known to the whole community as one of the best trash talkers in the game, as well as one of the biggest forced orgasms receivers on the mat.

However, this match fit her like a glove, as she was fighting a rookie. Jayogen is strong and proud, but lacks experience. And you could see that Penny’s constant talking during the match was getting to her.

Penny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate Surrender

The match started with Jayogen in control. There was a lot of great counter wrestling, where neither wrestler didn’t allow her opponent to score a great of points which she was in control.

In the end, Penny’s improvement as a wrestler and her knack for scoring points when in control, proved decisive, along with Jayogen’s inexperience and lack of stamina.

Penny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate SurrenderPenny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate Surrender

The fun part of this match was in round 4. This was a long round 4, and Penny was taking her time in sexually dominating her opponent. You could tell Jayogen is not used to being submissive, and Penny did not brutally force herself onto her, but gradually wore her down sexually, first by fingering, then by fucking her with the strap-on, and in the end by cumming on her face.

Personally I found the Penny Barber vs Jayogen round 4 to be one of the hottest finishes in Ultimate Surrender recent memory.

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