Orgasm galore: Mistress Kara vs Mia Li at Ultimate Surrender

New exciting match at Ultimate Surrender season 11: Mistress Kara vs Mia Li.

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Mistress Kara vs Mia LiThis has got to be one of the most one sided matches in the history of Ultimate Surrender. Mistress Kara is arguably the most dangerous girl to wrestle at Ultimate Surrender in recent years. She’s big, strong, ruthless, extremely skilled, and loves to dominate.

Mia Li, on the other hand, is just some fresh rookie meat, with a strong predilection for giving up orgasms on the mat.

So the real issue with the match is not which girl wins, but rather how many orgasms can Mistress Kara inflict upon Mia Li during the first 3 rounds.

Mistress Kara vs Mia LiMia Li vs Mistress KaraMia Li match vs Mistress KaraSince Kara wins by almost 2000 points to 0, there comes a point where counting the orgasms becomes a difficult task. And what makes it more exciting, is the Mia never gives up. She tries to fight her superior opponent until the end, something that excites Kara very much.

Kara is so excited, that we see a very special round 4 between these two hot lesbians. After some brutal strap-on action, a tribbing match unfolds, breaking the record of orgasms for a single shoot, at least for this season of Ultimate Surrender.

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