Holly Heart,Daisy Ducati,Penny Barber,Darling,Lisa Tiffian,Jayogen Tag Team Match

Holly Heart,Daisy Ducati,Penny Barber,Darling,Lisa Tiffian,Jayogen, the last tag team match for the Ultimate Surrender season 2015.

This catfight has been fought in front of a live audience at Ultimate Surrender.

Holly Heart,Daisy Ducati,Penny Barber,Darling,Lisa Tiffian,JayogenPenny Barber hopes her team can make up for the lost ground in previous matches against Darling‘s team, and this is the last chance. She doesn’t have the most experienced wrestlers on her team, but some of the strongest.

Asian Jayogen has a strong body and strong legs, while ebony Lisa Tiffian‘s big body can only help in staying on top of her opponents in tag team competition.

On Team Darling, blonde veteran Holly Heart has wrestled her way back to form in the past year and hopes to help win the ultimate tag team competition of the season. Daisy Ducati is strong, athletic and lean, and loves to rip orgasms on the mat out of her opponents.

Which one of these two teams will win? A lot is at stake, as the loser’s captain is fucked hard in front of the live audience in round 4, while all losers trib fuck in a biggest loser battle. Everyone gets fucked one way or another!

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