DWW: Pia vs Kim-Ly

This is a new video from Danube Women Wrestling: if you enjoy a good fight between two very different young women then you should consider to watch Pia vs newcomer Kim-Ly. If you enjoy some good scissors then you should also watch this fight. If you enjoy SGPINs, then this fight is highly recommended.

Pia is much more experienced than Kim-Ly, but she’s the smaller girl. However, Pia is an aggressive young blonde who loves a good fight and who doesn’t quit even then when a big and a strong girl like Kim-Ly would be her opponent. When the match began, it was indeed Pia who had to submit quickly in a brutal and merciless scissors of her strong Asian opponent. Pia, however, counters with aggressive and skilled SGPINs, making her opponent even more aggressive since tough Kim-Ly hates nothing more than being SGpinned by a smaller blonde.

Finally this fight is getting pretty wild and it had to be stopped when one of the two girls started to cry mainly because of frustration and also because of some pain. There’s a real fight in this topless pins and submissions match between two ambitious young women and it looks indeed as if they had an emotional street fight against each other while there’s no love nor any sympathy lost between those two competitive young women. If you’re enjoying real fights then this fight will be exactly for you. If you enjoy fantastic and aggressive SGPINs and sometimes brutal and merciless SGPIN riding and if you enjoy tough scissors, then you’ll definitely have to.

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