DWW: Pamela vs Mary-Ann

This is a new catfight video from Danube Women Wrestling: This is an exciting oil fight between two evenly matched and powerful women. Pamela had personal plans for making Mary Ann weak in a certain way and at first she suggests having a test of strength. They agreed that if Pamela could win both the arm wrestling and the breast pressing test of strength that then she would be the one choosing the rules for their oil wrestling match.

After a few minutes of test of strength competition and dialogue, both women were ready for oiling up each others body. Pamela chooses to wrestle naked while Mary-Ann was keeping on her thong, but not for long. In this real and fully competitive oil wrestling match you’ll see some tough scissors, big bulging biceps and fantastic thigh muscles, sgpins, grapevine pins and excellent wrestling moves applied between two of the strongest and most skilled female middle weight submission wrestlers you could ever imagining to see.

That’s exactly what we are calling excellent wrestling and neither the oil nor their naked bodies are taking away anything from their efforts and from the strength of these two women. You’ll love this match if you’re a wrestling fan and you’ll enjoy this match if you love beautiful and strong women in real combat. You’ll also love this match if you enjoy two sexy naked female bodies in combat.

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