Daisy Ducati vs Izamar Gutierrez at Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender brings the latest women nude wrestling match in season 11:

Daisy Ducati vs Izamar Gutierrez

Daisy Ducati represents the new blood at Ultimate Surrender, this is just her second singles match.

She has been impressive in tag team action as part of Team Dragon at the end of last season. Now she has the chance to see where she’s at against one of the elite wrestlers at Ultimate Surrender, Izamar Gutierrez.

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Daisy Ducati vs Izamar Gutierrez

Izamar usually dominates matches by power as well as technique, but in this case the strength of Daisy really surprises her, so she must use her experience to win.

Under the lustful eyes of Ariel X, both girls go for each other’s pussy quite often, and in most cases Izamar is the one scoring most of the points. Each wrestler brings the other to the brink of orgasm.

Izamar Gutierrez dominates Daisy Ducati

However, Daisy shows some moves, able to reverse some of Izamar’s holds. With experience she will become a real threat to the elite, since she has superior strength to most of them. She also has some awesome legs, which put at good use can do some real damage.

Daisy Ducati vs Izamar GutierrezIzamar Guierrez vs Daisy Ducati

All in all, a win for the veteran Izamar by a large number of points, but in terms of wrestling, the match was a lot tougher for her than the score suggests.

Round 4 is also hot, as Izamar caries Daisy Ducati on her back in a torture rack, while finger fucking her, along with all kinds of strap-on action.

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