Ultimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen

Jayogen is a newcomer this year at Ultimate Surrender. She’s only wrestled briefly as a replacement for Syd Blakovich in the Tag Team finale this summer.

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She looked very impressive in that match. She’s the new breed of strong, athletic wrestlers that have recently joined Ultimate Surrender (Sophia Fiore comes to mind, I can’t wait for a match between those two).

In this match she’s making her singles debut against her tag partner, Bella Rossi.

Ultimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen

Bella has years of experience. She has been impressive in her tournament matches. She narrowly lost the Penny Barber Last season in the Welter Weight tournament.

Ultimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs JayogenUltimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen

The interesting thing is that Jayogen has not been fucked in front of the camera before, so if she loses, it’s going to be for the first time. Needless to say, Bella wants to be the one to take Jayogen’s virginity.

Ultimate Surrender: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen

Can Bella do it? Watch the full match and see for yourself!

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PS: Bella Rossi vs Jayogen was shot and Streamed LIVE! Join Ultimate Surrender and don’t miss the next Live show November 15th. The winner of this match takes on Penny Barber!

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