Wenona vs Nikki Darling at Ultimate Surrender

This is the last match of 2013 at Ultimate Surrender, and it is a very hot one.

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Wenona is back after some humiliating losses, and this time takes on another wrestler with a similarly lean and athletic body: the lovely ebony Nikki Darling.

Wenona vs Nikki Darling catfight at Ultimate Surrender

Nikki is much smaller than Wenona and doesn’t have the same experience, so it’s clear who’s gonna win this one.

However Nikki has a rather unorthodox strategy: whenever Wenona takes control from the top, she tries to eat her pussy. She is known for doing this, and Wenona seems to enjoy it up to the point of orgasm, while she’s in control.

Wenona vs Nikki Darling catfight at Ultimate SurrenderWenona vs Nikki Darling atfight at Ultimate Surrender

Nikki Darling is able to put up a much better fight than in previous matches where she was totally destroyed, and even if she looses this match by a large margin as well, her effort is much better.

Wenona vs Nikki Darling catfight at Ultimate Surrender

What’s even hotter about this match is round 4!

After the usual strap-on sucking and fucking, Ariel X joins the action for one of the hottest and special scenes of the whole season. And if that wasn’t enough, Wenona wants to cum as well, and makes Nikki fuck her in the ass.

It’s a bit rare that you the winner make the loser fuck her from a dominant position, let alone in the ass, so it’s a welcome twist to one of the hottest shoots of the season.

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Bella Rossi vs Carissa Montgomery at Ultimate Surrender

Season 11 at Ultimate Surrender is still in the early stages, which means we’re seeing some new faces taking on veterans.

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This time it’s Carissa Montgomery’s turn to try her luck against one of Ultimate Surrender’s finest: Bella Rossi.

Bella Rossi vs Carissa Montgomery

Carissa Montgomery is a voluptuous blonde that looks like a barbie girl, but she’s anything but. In terms of assets, she certainly eclipses Bella. But can she eclipse her with her wrestling skills?

Bella Rossi vs Carissa Montgomery

The answer is no. She has some wrestling experience and that shows. Bella is not able to dominate and sit on top of her as much as she did with other girls she wrestled, but in the end she’s able to dominate the battle just as much. She is relentless in going for Carissa’s pussy, and the blonde has no answer for that.

Bella Rossi vs Carissa MontgomeryBella Rossi vs Carissa Montgomery

Carissa tries desperately not to cum on the mat, and gives the impression that she’s always close to cumming, especially by the sounds she makes.

All in all, a very promising debut for the very hot Carissa Montgomery, which is obviously subjected to the standing 69 in round 4, Bella Rossi’s signature move. By the looks of it, she’s really enjoying what she gets, so we can expect her back for much more.

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Juliette March and Lyla Storm vs Beretta James and Luna Light: Ultimate Surrender Tag Team Lesbians Match

Finally a new feather weight Ultimate Surrender tag team lesbians match.

This is match between the number 1 ranked feather weight contender in season 11, Beretta James, who takes on a rookie as partner, in Luna Light. They take on the team of Lyle Storm and Juliette March.

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Ultimate Surrender Tag Team Lesbians: Lyla Storm and Juliette March vs Beretta James and Luna Light

At 4’9 and 93lbs, Luna Light is the smallest girl ever to grace the US mats. Juliette March is also small, but she likes to scramble and has some experience under her belt.

And experience is what wins the match. The difference is the way the winners use their tags, being able to score a lot of double team points.

Ultimate Surrender Tag Team Lesbians: Lyla Storm and Juliette March vs Beretta James and Luna LightUltimate Surrender Tag Team Lesbians: Lyla Storm and Juliette March vs Beretta James and Luna Light

The nice surprise in this match is Luna Light’s performance, in her very first tag team match. She spends a lot of time on the mat, she causes a lot of problems for the opposition, and nearly forces a couple of orgasms.

In the end, Lyla and Juliette come victorious, and gang up on the rookie in round 4. They even force Beretta to join in the fucking with a strap-on of her own.

Ultimate Surrender Tag Team Lesbians: Lyla Storm and Juliette March vs Beretta James and Luna Light

All in all, a quite entertaining match, with some quick moves, a lot of double teams and the ever present trash talk, especially from Lyla Storm.

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Penny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate Surrender

This match was shot LIVE on Noveber 15th and streamed to all the Ultimate Surrender members in real-time, who could comment and make suggestions as the match went on.

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Penny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate Surrender

The winner of this match will face Cheyenne Jewel in the tournament, so stay tuned for that as well.

Penny Barber vs Jayogen – the match itself

Penny is known to the whole community as one of the best trash talkers in the game, as well as one of the biggest forced orgasms receivers on the mat.

However, this match fit her like a glove, as she was fighting a rookie. Jayogen is strong and proud, but lacks experience. And you could see that Penny’s constant talking during the match was getting to her.

Penny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate Surrender

The match started with Jayogen in control. There was a lot of great counter wrestling, where neither wrestler didn’t allow her opponent to score a great of points which she was in control.

In the end, Penny’s improvement as a wrestler and her knack for scoring points when in control, proved decisive, along with Jayogen’s inexperience and lack of stamina.

Penny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate SurrenderPenny Barber vs Jayogen at Ultimate Surrender

The fun part of this match was in round 4. This was a long round 4, and Penny was taking her time in sexually dominating her opponent. You could tell Jayogen is not used to being submissive, and Penny did not brutally force herself onto her, but gradually wore her down sexually, first by fingering, then by fucking her with the strap-on, and in the end by cumming on her face.

Personally I found the Penny Barber vs Jayogen round 4 to be one of the hottest finishes in Ultimate Surrender recent memory.

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Bella Rossi vs Nikki Hearts at Ultimate Surrender

Bella Rossi seems to be everywhere this beginning of a season at Ultimate Surrender.

She’s fitter and looking better than always, and in this match she has the chance to school another rookie, Nikki “Road Warrior” Hearts. Nikki has very long legs, and she hopes to use them to trap and squeeze her opponent. Not in this match though…

Full Match: Bella Rossi vs Nikki Hearts

One thing that Bella was not known for, is her ability to force orgasms on the mat, at least not in singles competition. Well that is about to change today!

Bella Rossi dominates Nikki Hearts

Nikki Hearts is a newcomer and she soon finds out her total lack of experience will enable Bella to spend a good portion of the match with the fingers deep inside Nikki’s pussy. Nikki is able to survive without cumming for a round, but finally she succumbs to Bella’s relentless onslaught.

Bella Rossi forces an orgasm out of Nikki HeartsThere are lots of scissors, facesitting, and domination in this match.

Nikki receives some coaching from Ariel X during the match, and thus she’s able to avoid being totally dominated towards the end, but not enough to remotely affect the result.

Bella Rossi vs Nikki HeartsRound 4 brings a lot of excitement, as Bella Rossi subjects Nikki Hearts to her signature standing 69, among all kinds of strap-on fucking action.

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